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The Environmental Search.



The environmental search checks for environmental issues near the property.


Environmental Search.


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An environmental search will highlight a number of environmental factors within a given radius of a home which could adversely affect it.

The risk of flooding, radon or subsidence are indicated, and the proximity of contaminated land & high voltage electricity pylons are shown.

  Environmental maps.

The environmental search report will contain OS maps with images of the property and surrounding area. It will show environmental factors and areas of concern in relation to the property and will highlight significant issues within a certain radius.

In relation to the property the map will show any areas of contaminated land or  landfill, and will identify the proximity of any masts, pylons or hazardous storage facilities.

  Environmental search report.

The Environmental report normally contains a professional assessment of the property in relation to the nearby environmental factors, and should state whether there needs to be any further action relating to any of the issues identified.

The main purpose of the report is to provide you with the information you need to decide whether a house is in a good location, and whether the surrounding environment is suitable for you and your family.

The environmental report could help determine if the house you're buying is a sound investment, and will highlight any environmental issues affecting the market value. The report is normally produced by a company specialising in this type of service.

  Timescale and costs.

The environmental search normally costs around 40 and typically takes around a week to compile. Landmark information group is a popular source for the environmental search.

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