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Local Authority Search.



The Local Authority Search checks are for local planning applications and more.


Local Authority Search.


legal conveyancing >>

The local authority search covers local authority issues relating to the property, and the information is normally accessible through the local district or county council.


The local authority search should protect the buyer from nasty surprises and checks against plans which might affect the property in the future.

  Planning applications.

The Local search should uncover any planning applications which might affect the property, for example building a new road, proposed housing development, changes in land use or rights of way. The local authority search should provide information relating to future planning changes, for example future proposals for re-classification to a conservation area may make it more difficult to extend a property.


  Other information.

In addition to pending planning applications, the local authority search will indicate whether there have been any issue relating to the adoption of roads and pavements and should inform you issues relating to drainage, parking provision and street lighting, especially significant for new homes.


  Timescale for report.

The search can take from a few days to a few weeks, but can be expedited for an extra fee if you need to fast track a purchase.

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Viewing checklist
Questions to ask and things to look for.


Legal conveyancing
Stages in the home buying legal process explained.


surveys & EPCs
The different types of survey and HIPs explained.



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