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Viewing a house.



When viewing a house, ask the right questions and know what you're looking for!


Questions to ask when viewing a house


viewing a house checklist  >>

When you're ready start viewing make a list of all property you're interested in.

Try not to make a rushed decision even if you see a property you like. If you take time to view a number of homes, you'll be sure the one you finally commit to is the right property at the right price.

  Questions to ask when viewing a house.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. Gaining as much information about the reasons for the sale and the condition of the property will pay dividends later when making an offer. They may well end up saving you 1,000's.

Our viewing a house checklist will help you ask the right questions and will be very useful when you arrange your next viewing.



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Viewing checklist
Questions to ask and things to look for.


Legal conveyancing
Stages in the home buying legal process explained.


surveys & EPCs
The different types of survey and HIPs explained.


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