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Mortgage application process.



Your mortgage broker can help with the mortgage application and guide you through the process.

The mortgage application process explained.


credit checks >>

So you've thought about the cost of your move, worked out your budget and know how much deposit you have..

Now it's time to see if anyone will lend you some money!

  Mortgage application process and the agreement in principle (AIP).

It is important to speak to an independent financial adviser or mortgage broker before you apply for a loan as this will help place you with the most appropriate lender. The mortgage application process can vary between lenders, but most will give an early indication how much they are willing to lend.

If you decide to use a broker, you can discuss your income and outgoings and work out how much you can afford to borrow in advance of the mortgage application. Your broker can speak to different lenders and help secure an agreement in principle (AIP) before you formally apply for a mortgage.


  Applying for a mortgage.

You should be aware that a mortgage application process can leave an imprint on your credit history and repeatedly being turned down for overstretched mortgages can be harmful. If you shop around and enter the application process then there is a danger that repeated credit checks could cause problems.

Your mortgage broker should have the expertise to know which lender will accept you and what criteria you will need to fulfil to achieve a successful mortgage application.

Once you’ve decided on a mortgage lender, the mortgage application process itself is relatively straightforward. The lender will typically validate your application and formally assess your borrowing requirements with regard to their lending criteria.


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Types of mortgage
The different types of mortgage and interest rate options.


Applying for a mortgage
Seeking an agreement in principle and applying for a loan.


Your credit history
The mortgage credit check and income verification.




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Expat Mortgages
If you live overseas we have exclusive expat mortgages not available on the high street.

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