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Arriving at your new home.



On arrival take time to check for problems and identify any potential hazards.


Arriving at the house.


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Arriving at your new home can be a very exciting time, but it's important to inspect the house thoroughly before you unpack.

You should identify any damage or problems as soon as you can and take some pictures if you spot anything.

  What to do when you arrive.

Check for damage.
It's important to quickly check if there’s any damage or major structural problems now the previous occupants have left. If you find any problems make a note and take some photographs.

Check for items being left behind.
Check to see if all items included in the sale are in the property and alert the estate agent if there’s anything missing.

Take meter readings.
Make sure you take meter readings and give them to the utilities companies as soon as you can.

Identify potential hazards.
Have a look around the property for potential hazards. If you have a young family or pets, make sure you keep them close and confined to safe areas while you unpack. If the property is on a road, make sure there everyone is safe from passing traffic. It will take children and pets a few days to familiarise themselves with their new surroundings so it's very important to supervise them closely to begin with.

Review rooms for unpacking.
Once you’ve made your initial checks, make sure you know where the furniture will be going! Identify a dumping room or area for any non essential items that will need to be unpacked over the coming days - a spare bedroom or garage may be good for this.

This avoids having boxes scattered in every room and will enable you to get the main pieces of furniture organised relatively quickly. Make sure you make the beds and position the TV & Sofa early so you can crash out later!

Meet the neighbours!
As soon as you can, introduce yourself to the neighbours. This will help break the ice and is far easier to do when you first move in. Let the neighbours know if you need to park on the road to unload as this can create access problems for homes nearby.

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