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Planning your move.



Plan well ahead of moving day and start to get quotes for help a few weeks beforehand.


Planning for moving day.


moving checklist >>

A few weeks before moving day you'll need to decide how much of the work you'll be taking on yourselves.


You can then start organising the help you need from other people and request quotes for their services.

  Removal firms.

If you decide to use a removal firm shop around and ask 2 or 3 companies for quotes if possible. Always ask for the quote to be put in writing so you know exactly what the price covers and how much it will cost.

When choosing a removal firm, ask friends or family for a recommendation and try to use one which is approved by the British Association of Removers (BAR). A good firm will normally make an appointment in advance to assess your belongings and provide boxes and tape if you’re packing yourselves.


  Moving yourself.

If you decide to move your own belongings, be sure you don’t under estimate how much stuff you have! Make sure you hire a van big enough to take all your possessions including any bulky items from the garden. If you move during the week, Van hire may be cheaper.

Make sure you dispose of unwanted items before moving, a few trips to the recycling centre or the use of a skip could help reduce your burden significantly.


  Booking a removal firm.

Once you’ve chosen a removal firm, give them a provisional date for moving as soon as you can. The actual date for the move will normally depend on the exchange of contracts and completion.

If there is a delay and the moving date changes, let your removal firm know as soon as you can, make sure you have an alternative company if the original firm cannot move to a new date. Avoiding Fridays and Bank holidays may give you more options as these tend to be the busiest times for most removal firms.


  Packing your belongings.

Plan your packing well in advance, it will take much longer than you think! Avoid packing junk, use the moving experience as reason to de-clutter the house, if necessary hire a skip to help clear the garage loft and garden shed!

Sell any items too good to throw away, donating some of your older clothes to charity can literally half your wardrobe. Make a few trips to the recycling centre with those old pots of paint and clear the garage ready for pre-staging your army of boxes.


  Furnishing your new home for less.

How classified sites can help you save money on your move.

Moving is always an expensive business and scraping together enough money for a deposit is hard enough without having to worry about furnishing the property once you’re inside. However, by utilising online resources like, and, you could in fact furnish your house for a fraction of the cost.

Classified sites like these are an absolute godsend when it comes to buying and selling household items and there are now thousands of groups to connect people who want to give or sell something to others. These sites are a great way to connect with local people for fast, smooth transactions which could help you furnish your new home for next to nothing.

For those of you who haven’t heard of these types of site, they are online networks designed to connect people who have things they want to get rid of with people who need them. This means that people will often post items for free just because they want to get rid of them, so as long as you have the means to collect them, you can get some really great items for nothing.

Social networking sites like Facebook have also jumped on this trend with local “buy and sell” pages, sometimes referred to collectively as “Facebay”, which give users the opportunity to give away or sell second-hand goods. This encourages people to get rid of junk that they no longer need and promotes community interaction in the process.

There are now thousands of Facebook pages dedicated to buying and selling items and the number is growing daily. Checking if there’s a page for your local area is usually just a matter of searching for the words "buy” or “sell" and then the area or postcode where you live. Pages are often set up as closed groups which require you to join before showing you the goods on offer but this is usually just a means of protecting the groups against spammers.

These Facebook pages, along with classified sites, give you the advantage of dealing with people living in your community and making face to face transactions rather than sending your money out into the ether and waiting for your items to be delivered. Once buyers have agreed with the seller, the buyer can simply collect the goods themselves which also saves on delivery fees.

The best way to grab bargains is to start early. You can’t expect to find everything you want in one day so your best bet is to start collecting pieces as soon as you know you’re moving. These can always be placed in a storage unit whilst you’re waiting for your new house to become available and renting a unit is much cheaper than having to buy all your furniture and much more palatable than sleeping on the floor for 12 weeks whilst you wait for someone to post a listing for a bed.

So why not give it a go and see how much you can save on furnishing your new home.
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