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House Showing.



When preparing your home for viewings, consider touching up the paint work.


House showing tips.


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Remember its all about presentation! When you have a viewing booked, itís important to show your house in it's best light.

Before you start showing your house, it's essential to present your home so it appeals to as many buyers as possible.

   House showing tips.

Many people will judge your home based on their first impression so a general de-clutter and clean should pay dividends. Preparing for house showing can be time consuming but the the effort you put in before you show your house will make a big difference!

If your home is in need of some general TLC consider decorating in neutral colours before you try to sell your home. Also consider replacing floor coverings in important rooms such as the kitchen, lounge and bathroom.

Itís a false economy if you donít spend anything to prepare your house as the presentation will affect the price you achieve. The difference between a well presented home and one in poor cosmetic condition could be thousands of pounds.

It may seem obvious but cutting the grass, putting the kids toys away and cleaning the bathroom can all make a huge difference.


  Top 10 viewing preparation tips:

The following list may be help you prepare for a viewing.


Kerb appeal is vital. Cut the grass, weed the path, paint the front door clean the gutter facia boards.  


General tidy de-clutter and clean, consider temporary self storage if you need It.  


Consider new floor coverings or rugs in key rooms.  


Consider decorating in neutral colours, many people are put off by poor cosmetics or may be less convinced by personal choices.  


Consider new furniture in key rooms, selling the lifestyle is as important as selling the house itself.  


Before the viewing, ask a trusted relative to look after the children or pets.  


During the viewing be positive about the house and focus on itís good points: Location, room sizes, sunny aspect, large garden..  


Be friendly and open, offer to make your visitors a drink and make sure they sit in your favourite spot to enjoy it!  


Offer a second viewing, maybe at a different time of day.  


Tell the person viewing if you have had other interest and positive comments.  


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Using an estate agent
We explain the role of an estate agent, the property valuation & the fees.


HIPs documents
Descriptions of all compulsory & optional EPCs documents.


Showing your house
Use our checklist to help you prepare for a house showing.



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